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Velltrans and Prio sign a partnership that aims to reduce the ecological footprint in cargo transport

Velltrans and fuel manufacturer Prio signed a protocol to reduce the ecological footprint of freight transport.

Through a pilot project, Prio started supplying Velltrans' light distribution vehicles with EcoDiesel and the results were greater energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

The partnership comes as part of an initiative promoted by Norauto that aims to provide its service providers, such as Velltrans, with a more sustainable solution to supply their fleet. In this sense, Norauto promoted the initiative between Prio and Velltrans, both recognizing the success of the pilot test promoted, since vehicles fueled with EcoDiesel by Prio started to produce 18% less CO2.

Prio focused on «accelerating the energy transition in mobility»

«We continue with our effort to accelerate the energy transition in mobility and we know that the heavy and light fleets have a great impact on this process. And it's incredible to be able to offer solutions so that the current fleet can start making a difference, just changing the energy source that is used. We are offering a progressive transition from a fossil economy to a greener economy, where our purpose is to carry out initiatives that are based on sustainable development. We have been lucky enough to find companies along the way that are opting for alternatives that reduce their ecological footprint and the negative impact on mobility», said Carlos Baptista, Commercial Director at Prio.

Velltrans «has always been concerned about the ecological footprint of its main activity»

Velltrans «has always been concerned about the ecological footprint of its main activity, road transport of goods. It therefore sought, whenever possible with the available technology, to train its drivers, optimize routes and have a modern fleet in order to minimize fuel consumption and consequently reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. With this new partnership with Prio, Velltrans takes another step forward, thanks to its advanced fuels, namely Eco Diesel», reacted Francisco João, Director of Velltrans.

«With this fuel we are able to have lower prices than those obtained with most other fuels and reduce the consumption of our vehicles, which is crucial for our competitiveness, and we can significantly reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. If we add to this a comprehensive network of gas stations, we can say that Prio has presented a proposal that is difficult to match”, added Francisco João.

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