International Road Transport

Our international road activity is exclusively focused on flows between the Benelux markets and the Iberian Peninsula, with the high quality of our services widely recognized in these markets, either by customers or by other agents.


Through our own model of organization, we promote direct contact with either the supplier or the customer, so we provide full information to our customers without any external intervention on the transport process. This setup allows the flow of information to run faster and more reliably.

The transport planning and loading are of our only responsibility, allowing us to keep our customers properly supplied with adequate and timely information on the status of their goods.

Logistic support

Supported by logistics partners in Nazareth (Belgium) and Tilburg (the Netherlands), we provide daily coverage to the entire Belgian and Dutch territory.


We hold a fleet exclusively composed of Volvo trucks, all equipped with vehicle location system. We monitor our fleet around the clock for improved security of vehicles and cargo up to their final destination.

Night parking for compulsory daily rest of our drivers is carried out in places designated by our company or in supervised parks that meet the most stringent safety parking requirements.

Our entire fleet has contracted the service Volvo Action Service (VAS) allowing, in adverse circumstances, to take advantage of the quick and qualified intervention of Volvo’s maintenance teams scattered throughout Europe.